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Travel Blog; An Introduction

Thank you and welcome to our travel blog. The travel agents at Connections by Avra are excited to bring to you a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience of properties and destinations from around the world that we recommend to you and experience first hand. Each week you will be able to access our luxury travel blog and see where our travel specialist are in the world. By reading our travel blogs you will see up-close our preferred properties and destinations from around the world. We will share the experience, the highlights, and our recommendations. Additional information on the latest travel news and travel trends will also be apart of our travel blog articles.

Our goal is to give you first hand, trust worthy information so you are as informed as you can be when you start your vacation planning process with us at Connections by Avra travel agency located in Chicago, IL & Rochester, MN. Our travel agents have decades of combined travel experience and it is our passion and pleasure to share what we know with you.

Happy Travels,

Connections by Avra



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