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Villa Clarisse & Spa Île de Ré, France

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Villa Clarisse & Spa 5-star Luxury Hotel Review

Île de Ré, France

If you're passionate about travel like us, we are always in search of something unique, authentic, and culturally rich. This luxury hotel review not only highlights an enchanting 9 bedroom luxury hotel but also a destination that is worthy to highlight. Île de Ré, may not sound familiar if you are not from France but if you travel there you will notice it's an island that attracts French tourists from all over their native country. An easy 2.5-hour train ride from Paris through the sprawling French countryside, travelers will find themselves arriving at one of Frances's best-kept secrets, a 33 square-mile oasis of sand dunes, marshland, and vineyards branching across the terrain.

Île de Ré has a distinct facade that is noticeable and intentionally preserved by those that call this historic island their home. One of the most noticeable physical features of the island is the pleasantly recurring motif of sun-bleached workers' cottages, with Spanish tile roofs and cherry, asparagus-green, silt-gray, or chalky-blue wooden shutter. These structures give a sense of preserved heritage and effortless good living.

Île de Ré, France

The coastline greets guests with fresh Atlantic air. Stop and take a deep breath to enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean splashing against the distinct stone fortress walls that snake the perimeter. Sailboats passively float by and beautifully colored lighthouses dot the island. Time here seems to standstill. Enjoy the simple pleasures of the island like indulging a meal on a terrace that overlooks the port while watching the movement of workers, inhabitants, and travelers unassumingly stroll by. Eighty percent of the landmass of the island has been preserved, with no construction allowed; there are no grand hotels clogging the beaches, no enormous villas fencing you out, no high-rise obstructing the views. Everything remains on a genuinely human scale.

Hotel Rooms and Accommodations

Junior Suite

Junior Suite Bathroom

The Villa Clarisse & Spa is located in Saint-Martin-de-Ré, which is one of the two notable destinations on Île de Ré. It's a pleasure to drive into Saint-Martin-de-Ré for the first time. The path to The Villa Clarisse & Spa has you weave through the beautiful manicure cobblestone streets of Saint-Martin-de-Ré. When you start to smell the fresh air from the ocean, suddenly The Villa Clarisse & Spa appears, only a 5 min walk to the sea.

When guests enter The Villa Clarisse & Spa it feels like entering someone's quaint summer home. The cream-colored walls and dark wooden floors with natural light flowing through each room creates a soothing atmosphere. The Villa Clarisse & Spa has 9 beautifully refined rooms that all embody the same refreshing atmosphere that is designed to allow you to rejuvenate and feel like they are on an endless break from all worries. Guests have the option of views overlooking the street or looking at an amazing garden. Regardless of what view guests fancy, you will also have access to a private butler that is there to provide tailored-made services and ensure your time at The Villa Clarisse & Spa and Île de Ré is memorable.

Junior Suite

The Villa Clarisse & Spa, Pool & Spa

The Villa Clarisse & Spa: Pool

Garden Entrance

There is more than meets the eye when you first see The Villa Clarisse & Spa from the street. By simply stepping through the back of the main house guests enter into an oasis of natural life. The long and stretching garden is a beautifully crafted green space that wraps guests in well-being and relaxation. At the end of the garden, guests are welcomed by a heated pool and lush lounge chairs to read, sleep, take in the warm sun of the island, visit with friends, or simply be.

While guests are taking time at the pool, your butler is available to arrange one of their several spa treatment options. Coming soon in April of 2022, The Villa Clarisse & Spa opens to a new spa. Guests will want to experience their spa menu, designed to shower you in peace and tranquility. The menu includes two hammams, a Norwegian bath, and two cabins. The small and intimate spa service will be carried out using Olivier Claire products, famous for their scientifically backed anti-aging products.

Hotel Restaurants

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Lounge Dinner Service

While we were visiting The Villa Clarisse & Spa, it was only days after France re-opened indoor dining across the country. Due to this, The Villa Clarisse & Spa was just beginning to open up their dining options but were still under some restrictions. The Villa Clarisse & Spa did an excellent job to ensure that every guest still had the lasting experience that they strive to offer.

One of the dinner options takes place in The Lounge. True to its name, The Lounge is designed with furniture that gives a casual inviting lounge-like atmosphere. With windows that frame the garden, it is a pleasure to enjoy French cuisine along with the service that comes with it.

The Garden

The Garden

The Garden

The weather in Île de Ré can be heavenly during the summer months. The garden is the perfect place where guests can enjoy a light and energizing breakfast before strolling, or biking, through the streets of Saint-Martin-de-Ré.

The garden is also a perfect spot for a light meal if you find yourself too content to leave the zen-like green space. The menu includes local products, tapas, seafood platter, oysters, fresh toast with tomato, and goat cheese from the Ile de Ré that will for sure satisfy your cravings.


During our visit, a new chic restaurant was being constructed. Now complete and waiting for you, George's, is a unique dining experience with a large terrace that has a breathtaking view of the port of Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Only a five-minute casual walk from The Villa Clarisse & Spa, Geroge's offers you an authentic cuisine experience that is special for this area of France. With a large wine cellar, cocktail bar, and a menu that showcases quality local products, reserving your spot at George's is a must while on the island.

We cant wait to take you with us when we go back and dine at the newly open Georges!

Recommendations and Tips

Commentary Pleasures.

chateau Clarisse Saint-Emilion

There is so much to recommend while staying at The Villa Clarisse & Spa in Saint-Martin-de-Ré. From my personal experience, I must recommend savoring a glass of their red wine, Chateau Clarisse, from the nearby Saint Emilion wine region. The owners of The Villa Clarisse & Spa also have their own wine, which is highlighted here, Chateau Clarisse.

While I was dining in the Lounge I asked for a glass of their red wine and did not specify. When I was served my glass, I took one sip and was stopped dead in my tracks. It was truly incredible. I asked the server what the wine was and as he explained I continued to enjoy every drop. Minutes later the server came back and offered to arrange a private tour of the vineyard, Chateau Clarisse, which is only a short drive away. We eagerly went to the vineyard and left with a truly remarkable memory.

Our exclusive partnership with The Villa Clarisse & Spa offers our clients this private experience along with much more. How does having a private gourmet meal cooked and prepared for you and your party by a local chef, arranged just for you, at the Chateau Clarisse sound? Possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

We, at Travel by Connections, would like to offer a warm thank you to the amazing people at The Villa Clarisse & Spa for hosting us. Especially moments after re-opening due to COVID restrictions. We cant wait to have our clients enjoy this wonderful property and destination.

By booking through our agency you will enjoy the following exclusive amenities:

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

  • Daily full breakfast for two guests per bedroom, served in the Garden restaurant

  • Complimentary round-trip airport transfers or complimentary parking

  • Early Check-In / Late Check-Out, subject to availability

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

For more information and to book your next visit to France, and additional travel information please contact us at or 800-500-9030

Happy Travels,

Travel by Connections


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