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Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac, France

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Entrance to the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac

Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac, France 5- star Luxury Hotel Review

hotel chais monnet & spa view from deluxe suite with rainbox in background
Deluxe Suite View with Rainbow

In our upcoming Luxury Travel Reviews, we will be highlighting an exclusive experience through some of the most unique and enchanting regions of France. An experience that will allow you to submerge yourself into the most beautiful qualities of France and her history. To understand the true essence of a culture, you must go deeper than what's at the surface. That's our mission, to offer you an experience that cannot be duplicated. This journey starts us at the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa located in the world-famous town of Cognac, France.

Located on the Charente River, the town of Cognac has a long and rich history that has now fortified the name "Cognac" into every corner of the world. When you hear the word Cognac what do you think? For most, even for those in France, it represents a liquor that you can drink and occasionally cook with. For a smaller minority, it represents a little town in the southwest region of France. A town that dates back to the Hundred Years' War to today which is now home to an abundance of Cognac houses including Hennesey, Remy Martin, Martell, Courvoisier, and Camus.

Hotel Lobby From Second Floor

Only recently has Cognac, France caught the attention of curious world travelers. In 2018 the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac was the first and only 5-star property in Cognac, France. Opening a luxury property isn't a simple process. The local community had to be brought into the process and won over. Cognac is a small town, and it feels that way when you drive in. A visit here will put you among the local inhabitants. Not only is the property a part of your experience but also the people that live there as well. A partnership had to be delicately made and as a result, your time in Cognac, France is welcomed and embraced. We highlight this because this shows the level of awareness and thoughtfulness that the incredible people at the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac provide for their guests. Being personally hosted by the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac, we at Travel by Connections couldn't be more excited to offer this option to our clients.

Hotel Rooms and Accommodations

view of deluxe suite living room in hotel chais monnet & spa
Deluxe Suite Living Room

Deluxe Suite Bedroom

Designed by world-famous architect Didier Poignant, The Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac has 92 spacious room and suite options. We'd like to emphasize the word spacious because we were impressed by how large even their standard rooms are. This gives guests assurance that no matter what room you rest in, there will be plenty of space to connect with the welcoming tones and design each room offers, leaving you to feel fresh and centered every day.

The deluxe suite that is pictured here is one of the largest that we at Travel by Connections have stayed in. It offers a large master bedroom with a living room perfect to gather with friends and family or just to open the large half-moon window and peacefully read a book.

Terrace of Deluxe Suite

Junior Suite

One of the unique design features of the property is its balance between indoor and outdoor and space. There is a special marriage between these two environments that creates a more lively ambiance. From the lobby to the pool, the restaurant options, and outdoor corridors this dance between the two spaces is felt. Many rooms offer outdoor spaces such as the top photo above which is one of two terraces from the deluxe suite, and the photo to the left, which has a ground-level terrace perfectly positioned in their private garden.

The heritage of Cognac has been woven beautifully throughout the property. The site of the property on which it now sits dates back to 1838, which was the home of a cognac trading house. In each room, you will notice the natural wooden beams that were carefully placed from the original trading house. Bringing in a tasteful rustic vibe along with preserving the history that makes this region of France so special.

Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac, Pool & Spa

The Club

The Club: Outdoor Area

Although this property is not marketed as an all-inclusive resort, the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac has gone the extra distance to bring as much value and experiences as possible to their guests. Of all the properties that we have visited, this one has us wanting to go back to discover more. The Club is an exclusive area of the property that is for customers who are members of Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa. The Club can also be included depending on your room category. For example, if you stay in the Deluxe Suite, this will include access to The Club which offers guests a refreshing indoor and outdoor pool, hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, sensory showers as well as the fitness area.

The Club is fully staffed. While we were there and enjoying the pool we were served a perfectly chilled bottle of Rose along with a board of freshly cut dried sausage. Time seemed to stand still.

Treatment Room

Even though the property has so much to enjoy and discover, you would be missing half the story of Cognac, France if you didn't venture out into the city and surrounding area of Cognac itself. After a day of visiting and learning about the world's most famous cognac houses, a personalized spa treatment is the perfect answer to wash away any tension or stress that may be lingering. The Spa, selected as "Luxury Spa Guide" by the renowned Conde Nast Johansen, which rewards the most beautiful spas in the world, is an ideal way to clear your headspace so you can enjoy every present moment while at the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa.

Hotel Restaurants

The Distillery

The Distillery

The Distillery

France, food, and wine can all be synonymous with each other. Culture and the table experience are inseparable from each other and the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa goes beyond expectations by delivering five distinctly unique dining options. The Distillery is their contemporary brasserie. Brasserie, which translates to "brewery" from french, is typically a place that has energy, is lively, and has a large menu selection. A place where you want to meet and have a toast with your friends and family. Surrounded by breathtaking interior design, with also a generous outdoor seating option, The Distillery is open for guests' enjoyment from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The 1838

The 1838

We stayed at the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa moments after they had re-opened after the grueling COVID lockdowns. Due to this, the property was not 100% open. However, we were still able to see one of the most, shall we say dapper and impressionable parts of the property, The 1838. The1838 was once the site of business for the Maison Monnet and is now home to the largest and most exclusive collection of different Cognacs in the world. Offering cognac enthusiasts, along with those that are just curious, to over 220 different cognacs, all coming from local cognac houses.

The welcoming energy will draw guests in with the big chairs and leather couches along with the club-like ambiance. Every Friday and Saturday evening The 1838 has live jazz. What a picture-perfect way to meet and enjoy a unique moment with friends, family, or just you and your special partner!


Guinguet' Rooftop Bar

View of Cognac from The Guinguet

As if this property needed more highlights to make it an unforgettable experience for those that find themselves in Cognac, France, The Guinguet is an open-air rooftop bar covered by eye-catching industrial beams overhead which pays homage to the industrial roots of Cognac as a city. Inspired by the open-air cafes and bars which swept through France during the 1920s, The Guinguet is a popular feature of this property.

Guests can enjoy a finely crafted cocktail by world-famous mixologist, Roxanne Remmery. With an enthralling view of Cognac and a festive atmosphere, The Guinguet Rooftop Bar is a must while at the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac.

Angelique Café

Angelique Café
Hotel Loby

Walking into the hotel lobby guests are greeted by a welcoming dynamic design. Guests will also notice an inviting intimate area that is the Angelique Café. This place is truly a treat, and by that I mean here you can indulge in delectable pastries by the talented Pastry Chef Ugo Motreff. Complement this with a refreshing tea from the Parisian house Le Parti du Thé as well. Coffee is of course served but being a specialty since it's served from their own roaster from La Rochelle Les Cafés Merling. A perfect way to start your day or to break up your schedule with an afternoon tea coupled with a French pastry.

The Wrath

The Wrath

The Wrath

Last but certainly not least is, The Warth, an impressive gourmet restaurant led by Michelin-starred Chef Marc Antione Lepage. The Warth is located in the remarkable cathedral cellar and under its century-old oak casks classified as an industrial Heritage of France. Everywhere you go throughout this property, there is recognition once again of the history and heritage of Cognac, France. The Wrath is no exception as you see the massive wooden barrels that immediately catch your attention. A night here is consumed by relishing in French gastronomic cuisine and sipping on the flavors of a Saint-Emilion wine, a true recipe for a perfect evening.

Recommendations and Tips

Cognac Masterclass Experience

Besides recommending to discover everything that this incredible property has to offer, our recommendation actually takes us out to the local cognac houses. The Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa has created exclusive relationships with the local cognac houses that offer guests a chance to visit these historic houses and also take a one-of-a-kind masterclass on the secrets of how to make a perfect batch of cognac. We say "one of a kind" purposely because, during your masterclass experience, you will have the opportunity to make your own unique batch of cognac which is offered to you at the end of your masterclass experience. Your unique bottle of cognac comes with its own number. This number is specific to your bottle and you can have the cognac house re-create your cognac by simply providing your identification number. This is a great hands-on experience and plus you get to enjoy your own unique bottle of cognac!

We at Travel by Connections would like to thank the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa Cognac for hosting us and allowing us to pull back to curtains on this truly unparalleled property. We cant wait to bring our guests to this special area of France.

By booking through our agency you will enjoy the following exclusive amenities:

  • Daily Full Breakfast for two guests per bedroom

  • $100 USD equivalent Food & Beverage credit to be utilized during stay (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)

  • Early Check-In / Late Check-Out, subject to availability

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

For more information and to book your next visit to Cognac, France, and additional travel information please contact us at or 800-500-9030

Happy Travels,

Travel by Connections


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