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Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly Review

Discovering castles in Europe is always an enchanting experience. Usually situated in a forest or other locations filled with natural beauty, they can take your breath away due to their beauty and design. Today, we have the pleasure of enjoying these once royal chambers. One such castle Connection by Avra recently visited, the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly, located in the Chantilly forest and only 30 minutes outside of Paris. Now a 5-star property, guests can enjoy a relaxing stay while being pampered as a royal guest.

The castle dates back to the early 20th century when in 1908 legendary french composer, Fernand Halphen, had the castle built and offered it to his wife, who was also a musician. The property was transformed into a hotel by Jean Pierre Hermier in 1989 and is considered a great architectural success.

The Lobby of Chateau Hotel Mont Royal
The Lobby of Chateau Hotel Mont Royal

Piano Lounge in Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly
Piano Lounge

Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly

This 5-star property has many features that offer guests a truly unique experience. Some of the amenities include two specialty restaurants, a tranquil spa with an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, tennis courts, petanque pitch, and an on-site luxury car wash.   The staff are incredibly friendly and speak several languages to make guests feel right at home. As you enter the lobby you will be greeted with a comforting aroma that the chateau themselves created. These kinds of small details are what the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly pays special attention to and separates them from other chateaus in the area.

Hotel Rooms and Accommodations

The 108 rooms and suites of the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly are ideally suited for a range of guests’ getaways. Some choose the chateau for a relaxing "return-to-nature" stay, others for a romantic interlude in the countryside. Gatherings of family and friends find the surroundings and accommodations irresistible.

The Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly has several categories of rooms to pick from. Ranging from a classic room offering 300 sqft to the Royal Suite which offers 1240 sqft that traces the curves of the facade of the original chateau. All suites in the chateau are located in the original historical wing of the chateau. We highly recommend staying in a room that has one of their spacious terraces with large french doors!

Bedroom in the Royal Suite at Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly
Royal Suite

Meetings, Corporate Events & Weddings

Being only minutes away from the airport and Paris, the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly offers a rare combination to host all sorts of unique events. The staff of Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly is highly experienced in meetings and corporate events, team building activities, international trade shows, sport team meetings, and weddings.

Venue Space for Meetings & Events

Private Lounge Reserved for Events

Some of the services available to guests:

  • 12 daylight-filled meeting rooms from 280 sqft to 3767 sqft, from 10-250 persons. (meeting rooms are customizable)

  • Organization of team-building activities and incentives

  • Organization of private transfers

  • Business center and coordinator on hand

  • Themed breaks and meals

  • Top Quality & Technological equipment

Pool and Spa

The Pool at The Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly

Sauna of The Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly

It's all about relaxing when you enter the pool and spa at the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly. Here, you can take a dip in their heated indoor pool and shut out the outside world. The room is elegantly designed with delicate chandeliers and fine curtains that add to the calm and soothing atmosphere. The pool area also has a private terrace, a comfortable lounge with four lounge chairs, and a Jacuzzi.

Hotel Restaurants

The L’Opéra Restaurant

Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly has a long tradition of music which is central to the design of the hotel. The Chateau honors this tradition by a beautiful new interior in a once classic music room now known as The L’Opéra Restaurant. Sparkling chandeliers and expansive views of the verdant grounds create the perfect ambiance to enjoy french cuisine. Live music is often played during the dinner service. Care to enjoy a Bavarian "Rossini" beef tenderloin with reduction of pan juices with truffles, conchiglioni wild mushroom fragrances, candied celeriac palets? Or a blue lobster cooked in ginger-lemon bouillon, coconut milk, thaï vegetable wok with spices? The L’Opéra Restaurant offers perfected gourmet plates designed by Chef Benoist Rambaud.  

The L’Opéra Restaurant interior
The L’Opéra Restaurant

The L’Opéra Restaurant dining area
The L’Opéra Restaurant

The Stradivarius Bar and Restaurant

Terrace of The Stradivarius Bar and Restaurant
Terrace of The Stradivarius Bar and Restaurant

What was once a library of the original owner and a former smoking lounge, The Stradivarius Bar and Restaurant offers a warm atmosphere to enjoy a signature cocktail. With the dark wood, soft furnishing, and velvet fabrics guests will feel right at home while sharing a conversation over a meal. When the weather is pleasant, you're only a few steps from a spacious terrace that has heated umbrellas and large couches to relax in.

Recommendations and Tips

The City of Chantilly, France

Only a few miles away from the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly, the city of Chantilly offers visitors a range of princely events and attractions. One of the most notable attractions is the Chateau de Chantilly which takes center stage when you enter the once important royal town. The Chateau has a romantic history of hosting musical events, wonderful plays, and showing off the crowns royal horses. Today the romance continues with 115 acres and many beautifully designed french gardens that make up the estate.

Golf at Chateau de Chantilly

For the utmost pleasure of golf players, the region around the hotel offers a large collection of renowned golf courses. The extraordinary natural environment is ideally suited for a successful golf game.

Golf de Morfontaine (10 km / 6 miles) – private

  • Architect: Tom Simpson

  • 2 courses, 9 and 18-hole

  • 6,001 meters, Par 70

  • Rated 20th in the Top 100 Golf Course in the World (Golf Digest)

Golf de Chantilly (11 km / 7 miles)

  • Architect: Tom Simpson

  • 2 18-hole courses

  • 6 396 and 6342 meters, Par 71 & 73

  • Rated 2nd in the Top 100 Golf Course in Continental Europe (Golf Digest)

Golf d’Apremont – Exclusiv’ Golf (17 km / 11 miles)

  • Architects: John Jacobs, Olivier Dongradi

  • 18-hole course

  • 6 400 meters, Par 72

  • Rated 22nd in the Top 100 Golf Course in Continental Europe (Golf Digest)

Horse Racing at Chateau de Chantilly

Chantilly Racecourse
Chantilly Racecourse

Chantilly is home to legendary horse racing. Chantilly Racecourse is a Thoroughbred racecourse for flat racing. The main course is 2,400 meters long, with another 2,150 meters, plus a round course adapted from 1,400 to 2,400 meters

This first race card dates back to May 15, 1834, and its still existing grandstand was built in 1879 by the famed architect Honore Daumet, who also did the renovations to the nearby Chateau de Chantilly. The racecourse was constructed abutting the existing Great Stables. Built-in 1719, the massive 186-meter-long stable is considered the most beautiful in the world.

During the first week of June, the racecourse hosts the Prix du Jockey Club, the third of the French racing seasons five Classic Races. The racecourse also made its Hollywood debut in 1985 in a James Bond film, A View to a Kill!

The Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly and the surrounding area offer to much for travelers to experience. Being only minutes from the airport and only a quick drive into Paris, the location is perfect for those that wish to step back in time and relax in one of the most impressive Chateaus in France.

Contact us today to discuss your next chateau experience with one of our knowledgeable travel advisers.

Happy Travels,

Connections by Avra


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