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Why French Alps Skiing Is The Best In The World

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Les Arcs ski resort Review
Les Arcs ski resort review | Savoie, France

The Alps


There is something magnificent about being tucked deep into a range of mountains. Ascending to the peaks that reach for the clouds and while looking out into the horizon, feeling like you're literally on top of the world. Whether you are skiing, hiking, or just observing, mountains feel just as alive as you do. Their power and grandeur is breathtaking. The French Alps hits you with such beauty that you will find many local inhabitants that originally came for a visit but decided to make one of the many charming ski villages their new home.

The French Alps are a part of the Alps mountain range which spans across several European countries such as Italy and Switzerland. The highest peak of the Alps is located in France known as Mont Blanc. Reaching an impressive 15,782 ft (4,810 meter), Mont Blanc is a famous destination for skiers in the winter and hikers along with rock climbers in the summer. The largest ski resort in the world is also located in France, known to locals as Les Trois Vallées, or 3 valleys, skiers can enjoy 335 ski runs which equals 310 miles (600 km) of ski slopes.

Connections by Avra visited Les Arcs ski resort in Savoie, France. Les Arc is apart of the huge Paradiski system that offers skiers 237 ski runs which equals 264 miles (425 km) of runs. With five ski areas at different elevations, Les Arcs is known in France as the original "mega-resort."

Skiing is an important sport for the French and their families. Those that do not live near the Alps commonly take a trip to the Alps in the winter and children start skiing very young. But, if you're not advanced do not let this deter you! Les Arcs, and many of the other ski resorts, have made sure that all levels of skiers can take on the mountain with confidence. One run at Les Arcs stretches for 6.2 miles (10 km) that is slow and smooth. Perfect for taking in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Les Arcs Resort

is divided into a several levels. Labeled by their elevation in meters, Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950, and Arc 2000. At each level a different village and vibe are there to discover. A shuttle bus system can take you from one level to another very easily. Shops, chalets, restaurants, and bars can be enjoyed all throughout the resort and mountain. Each ski village has an unique architecture design which captures the traditional Europeans ski village feel brilliantly. It almost feels like the Disneyland of ski resorts. For those that have no context of the European ski experience, the enchanting image of a village with flowing hot wine and melting cheese surrounded by the romance of nature while sitting at a mom-and-pop mountain eatery is precisely what you will get. Yes, these places do exists outside of your daydreaming imagination!

When I told other avid skiers from the Untied States that I was visiting the French Alps they all had said that the French Alps have a reputation as being one of the most fun on-mountain experiences for skiers. I was certainly not disappointed. Just like the picture above, skiers can stop as they descend down the mountain at several relaxing spots that serve drinks and food. Some locations on the mountain turn into an all out rave party with DJ's and champagne bottles being passed around. With so much to see and do on the mountain alone, taking a trip to Europe to ski is easily justified.

Ski's in the snow at Les Arc Resort
Les Acrs: Savoie, France

Snow covered French Alps
Les Arcs: Savoie, France

For those that seek winter vacations and want to experience something that will forever have you wanting more, we at Connections by Avra highly recommend traveling to the French Alps. For a skier that is just beginning, to the most advanced, the French Alps provide several resorts that can satisfy everyone. What could be better than skiing on top of the most coveted mountains in the world, enjoying tartiflette in the middle of your day, and then kicking your feet up next to a wood burning fire while enjoying fresh mountain cheese?

Our travel agents are eager to discus your next winter vacation with you.

Happy Travels,

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