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Things to do in Luxembourg City

"Hey, guess where i'm going to visit?"

"Please tell me! Where?"


"Oh cool, is that a country and where is it?"

If you have ever been to Luxembourg and you tell your friends and family about it, you may have had a conversation similar to this one. When thinking of traveling to Europe, cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, and Rome come to mind. But, after taking a weekend trip to Luxembourg City, which is the capital city of Luxembourg, I was enchanted by its charming atmosphere.

Luxembourg City


Luxembourg is a city that breathes history and you can see that reflected in their medieval architecture and large fortress walls that still stand beautifully today. Luxembourg dates back to the Roman era and since then has been occupied and conquered by many past royal monarchs and surrounding countries. When you visit Luxembourg city you can see this diverse history in the locals that live there.

Locals typically speak 3-4 languages perfectly. German, Luxembourgish, French, and English can all be heard in the restaurants and streets in the city. A city that also hosts many expats, Luxembourg city is easy for anyone from anywhere to navigate and comfortably enjoy. The city hots roughly 100,000 people which is great for anyone that wishes to enjoy a lively city but wishes to avoid the chaos of a city like Paris or London.

The Alzette River. Luxembourg, City
The Alzette River. Luxembourg, City

The Alzette River


The Topography of the city creates a beautiful picturesque scene. Situated on two rivers, the Alzette and the Petrusses river, nature weaves through the heart of this city. Many restaurants and quaint homes are situated along the river that travelers can enjoy. When I first got to Luxembourg the weather was perfect and I found a small pub called Scott's along the river which you can see in the picture above. It was so nice and peaceful that I could of spent the whole day right where I was sitting!

Steep cliffs that drop into narrow valleys is one of the many things that makes this city beautiful. One thing to consider is when you navigate the city on foot you will encounter many hills and walking paths that ascend and descend throughout the city. For those that love a great work out this city will be perfect for you. But for those that wish take in the 'lux' of Luxembourg then a incredibly clean bus system can escort you to your destination throughout the city which in many cases is free of charge.

Valley of Luxembourg City
Valley of Luxembourg City

Once you do venture down into the valley of Luxembourg city you may feel like you are on a Hollywood set and everything around you was perfectly placed by design. The City is very clean and also ranked 1st for personal safety along with being ranked top 20 for quality of life. A perfect area to people watch, read, or just go for a walk before you make your way back up the cliff to enjoy a drink or meal in the city center. To my surprise, drinks and food were priced below what you will find in other cities in Europe. But, if a budget is not your concern then you then you will be happy to know that Luxembourg is home to several Michelin star restaurants.

One of the advantages of visiting Luxembourg is how easy and affordable it is if your're planning on traveling to other major destinations in Europe. Positioned 130 miles from Brussels, 231 miles from Paris, and 130 miles from Cologne, A simple train ticket from any of these locations will get you to Luxembourg in no more than 2 hours.

Besides walking around the city, travelers can enjoy great museums such as a recently renovated National Museum of History and Art, Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum of Natural History. With Luxembourg being a center of rich history and culture, the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

View of Luxembourg City
Views of Luxembourg City

We at Connections by Avra strongly encourage anyone to visit this fascinating and beautiful city that has taken our hearts. Luxembourg is known to host some spectacular festivals that our travel specialists can help arrange for you and your group. Between music, art, wine, cheese, and beer festival along with many others such as carnivals and parades, Luxembourg is a must see city for any traveler any time of the year.

Please contact our travel agency today to talk to one of our travel advisers to plan your next trip.

Happy travel,

Connection by Avra


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