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The Dead Sea

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is an unique oasis located about an one hour drive from Jerusalem. The biblical sea has Jordan boarded to the east, the West Bank and Israel to the west. During the night small towns can be seen dimly lit from a distance. To visit the Dead Sea you have to travel to the Earth's lowest elevation on land, 430.5 meters (1,412 ft) below sea level. The Dead Sea has about 10 times the amount of salt than in the ocean. Because of the high salt concentration, very little life, besides micro-life at the bottom of the sea, can live in such an environment. This is what gives the Dead Sea its name.

The low elevation creates an environment that has incredible health benefits that many seek to experience. Besides containing a ton of salt, the Dead Sea is incredibility nutrient-rich. Due to the climate and the conditions formed, many minerals in the sea cannot be found any where else in the world.

Health Benefits from The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea can help with several health conditions. Those with skin conditions will benefit from the high concentration of minerals which improves hydration, circulation, and reduces inflammation. Those with joint pain find relief from the high level of salt. Due to the buoyancy, laying in the Dead Sea makes you feel weightless. This is useful when recovering from a surgery. The minerals increase circulation which send nutrients to achy/stiff areas along with stimulating joint repair genes. The air in which you breathe is even beneficial. Due to the low elevation, the oxygen rich air helps those with respiratory or heart conditions take in a deep fresh breath of air. The salty conditions make it almost impossible for any vegetation to grow and as a result there is a low level of allergens and pollutants.

Those that do not suffer from any condition and just want to experience the therapeutic and health benefits from the Dead Sea, it's worth the trip. Many local families use the Dead Sea as a weekend vacation to get a break from their busy life. Travelers from all around the world visit the Dead Sea to cross it off their bucket list!

How to travel to The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a quick hour drive from Jerusalem. If you have a car this is a beautiful drive that we recommend. The roads are well paved for any type of vehicle witch can easily and comfortably access the Dead Sea. Day tours are available from Jerusalem which some prefer. A large couch bus can drive you in and out on the same day.

For those that wish to stay for several nights, you have three options depending on your budget and the type of experience you wish to seek. Starting with those with the smallest budget or wish to be more adventurous, setting up a tent and camping in the desert is a possibility. Camping grounds are available that have bathrooms and showering facilities for campers. A second option is to stay at one of the few hostels in the area. You will have your own bed and showering facilities along with refrigeration and WiFi. This is an interesting way to meet travelers of all backgrounds and ages while working on a budget. The last option is to book a stay at one of the many spa resorts along the Dead Sea. This is the most comfortable way to stay in the Dead Sea which we recommend if your budget can allow it.

Shoreline view on overcast day of the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

Tips on how to experience The Dead Sea

Before going into the sea make sure of a few things. First do not shave your legs or any sensitive areas a few days before entering the water. Any cuts on the skin will burn once you make contact with the salty sea. You also want to avoid cutting your skin while in the water. Going barefoot on the beach might turn out be a regrettable decision. The salt crystallizes which forms small sharp chunks of salt found everywhere.

Staying in the mineral water can be problematic after a period of time. Floating in the water for 15-25 mins at a time is safe. On all the beaches open to the public, outdoor showers are available for you to clean your skin and bathing suit. Washing your suit, sandals, and skin to clean off the salt is recommend once coming out of the sea. But do not be afraid to go into the sea several times throughout your visit. We strongly encourage to take it in as much as you can!

Wide-angle basin view of the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

Connections by Avra is excited to share that we are escorting a small group to Israel next year in 2020. In the following weeks we will plan an exclusive itinerary that will include Israel and Petra. We have developed contacts and relationships that no other travel agency can offer which will provide you with an one of a kind experience. A visit to Israel cannot go without experiencing the Dead Sea. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

If you are interested in gaining more information and wish to reserve your spot, please contact us through our website and one of our travel advisers will be glad to assist you.

Happy Travels,

Connection by Avra


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