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Augustine, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Prague

Augustine Hotel Prague Hotel Review

The Augustine, A Luxury Collection Hotel, located in Prague, Czech Republic, has an incredible history that guests can exclusively experience and participate in while being welcomed as a guest. The Augustine Hotel, placed in an Augustinian monastery, has built a strong working relationship with the still active monks that live there. They take great pride in preserving their historic stories dating back to the 14th century. As a guest, you serve an important roll in their efforts to keep their history alive. At the end of the blog, we will layout all the experiences we highly recommend you take full advantage of during your stay at the Augustine Hotel in Prague.

augustine hotel prague
Hotel Lobby

We previously highlighted a property of Prague, the Mandarin Oriental Prague, and discussed the importance of location while traveling. The Augustine Hotel can be found on the more quiet and private side of the river. The property is similarly located within a 5-minute walk to the famous Charles Bridge. Being a proud member of The Luxury Collection for 4 years, the Augustine Hotel occupies a collection of 7 historical buildings.

Prague is a city to be explored and discovered. With this in mind, the Augustine Hotel appeals the those that are "collectors of experiences".

Hotel Rooms and Accommodations

augustine hotel prague
Classic Suite

With 101 rooms to pick from, 20 being suites, the Augustine Hotel carefully crafted each room to honor and reflect the history inspired by the Augustinian monastery. As a guest, you not only enjoy the luxury of what the Augustine Hotel provides in each room but also some of the historic relics from the original monastery that could normally be only admired in a museum. For example, one of their classic suites has an original working iron door that resembles something out of a medieval cinema. In other rooms, you can lay on the lush king-size beds while appreciating the original wooden beams carefully place above your head

Moser Suite

augustine hotel prague
Living Room of the Moser Suite

One of the most popular suites that we were able to visit was the Moser Suite. Located on a private floor of the property, guests that book a stay in the Moser Suite enjoy plenty of private space which includes a large living room featuring a fireplace, a separate bedroom, kitchenette, dining room, and dressing room. This suite is also was decorated with luxurious bohemian crystal glass by Moser, which gives the inspiration to the name of the room.

augustine hotel prague
Heated Marble Bathrooms

Another very unique suite at the Augustine Hotel is the Fresco Suite. Although we were unable to see it ourselves the story behind the room is certainly worth noting. During the reconstruction of the former monastery to what is now the Augustine Hotel, an astonishing piece of history was uncovered. When the plaster on the walls was removed they found the original fresco from the 19th century and also an original parquet floor. From this discovery, the Fresco Suite was born and now guests get to stay in their own museum which also includes a private terrace, perfect for the summer months. The Fresco Suite is now protected by UNESCO.

Seasonal Rooms

augustine hotel prague
Festive Themed Rooms

augustine hotel prague
Festive Themed Rooms

A new concept the Augustine Hotel is offering to guests are seasonally themed rooms throughout the year. Here, you can see this room is all about the joys of Christmas. By booking this room guests get personalized Christmas presents nestled under the tree, Christmas treats, daily Christmas breakfast, daily Christmas amenities, limousine service, and fresh Christmas Flowers. This is the only Christmas themed room you can find in Prague and it can be book starting in November and ending in December.

Augustine Hotel Pool and Spa

augustine hotel prague
Treatment Room

When you visit Prague you will probably be doing a lot of walking. The city is so beautifully well preserved that taking your time by walking the winding European streets of this charming city is far from a chore, rather a pleasure. But, a day of walking can be exhausting and the Augustine Spa offers captivating treatments that will make you feel born again. The purity and spirituality of the Augustinian Monk order is central to service guests enjoy at the Spa. Offering personalized services, your mind, body, and spirit will reach a level of tranquil peace, connecting yourself to the divine energy the Augustine Hotel cultivates.

Hotel Restaurants

Augustine Restaurant

augustine hotel prague review
Augustine Restaurant
augustine hotel prague
Outdoor Terrace

The dining experience at the Augustine Hotel was designed and located in historical areas of the property to enhance the experience while enjoying the masterful culinary dishes. The Augustine Restaurant is located by the courtyard of a former Augustinian monastery and represents a harmonic combination of 700 years of history ad modern design. Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the chef incorporates original Augustinian recipes that were found and works with the monks to design dishes. Every detail in each dish is crafted with mindfulness.

The Refractory

augustine hotel prague
The Refectory

augustine hotel prague
St. Thomas Beer

Stepping into The Refectory you are stunned by its powerful tall walls and arched ceiling. One of the most unique and historically exclusive locations in Prague, The Refectory was a former dining hall for the Augustinian monks where they would gather for breakfast, lunch, and dinner prior to mass. Above your head, you can appreciate the original 19th-century frescoes showing the four archangels that honor Augustinian attributes.

If The Refectory wasn't already impressive enough, another pleasure is to enjoy the St Thomas beer which is made with the same recipe that the Augustinian monks created dating back to the 14th century. Being the sole producer of the St. Thomas beer, The Refectory is the only place in the world where you can taste a beer that was even a favorite for the Bohemian Kings.

St. Thomas Brewery Bar

augustine hotel prague
St. Thomas Brewery Bar

The original cellar of the St. Thomas Brewery is still well preserved and offered to those that wish to host private events up to groups of 70 people. Here, the brewery served as a unique gathering area where people could come to get a pint of the famous St. Thomas Beer.

Recommendations and Tips

augustine hotel prague
Private Augustine Monastery Library

As a guest at the Augustine Hotel, you have the opportunity to exclusively take a private one-on-one tour of the Augustine Monastery Library guided by one of the monks at the monastery. Offered only to guests, discover the library that was founded shortly after the creation of the monastery.

Here, you will learn of one of the most extensive ancient medical book collection in Europe. The original Augustinian journal and the record-keeping book are still well preserved and your private guide will walk you through centuries of history and stories only offered during your stay at the Augustine Hotel in Prague.


The Augustine Hotel has a fascinating history that is captured beautifully throughout the property. With the unique historical relicts designed in the rooms, to drinking a pint of a 14th-century old beer while in a hall that was once a gathering place for the Augustinian monks with an original fresco above your head, to an exclusive one on one tour of an Augustine library, this property is truly a collection of experiences.

Connections by Avra highly recommend staying at this property. By booking through our agency you will enjoy the following exclusive amenities for 2020:

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

  • Full breakfast daily for two guests per bedroom, in restaurant

  • 85 EUR Hotel credit to be utilized during stay (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)

  • For Classic Suite bookings and above: Complimentary round trips airport transfer

  • Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability

  • Welcome amenityComplimentary Wi-Fi

For more information and to book your next visit to Prague our knowledgeable travel advisors are eager to assist you.

Happy Travels,


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