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begin your dream vacation with a travel agency that cares

Discover luxury vacations, European vacations, relaxing vacations and all inclusive vacations

Let's plan your next vacation together

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all vacation. At Connections by Avra we take the time to learn what matters most to you and create a personalized luxury experience that suits your unique lifestyle. With an almost infinite number of options, no two vacations will be exactly the same. We design everything right down to your transportation to give you your ideal vacation experience.

We have locations in Chicago, IL & Rochester, MN. When you contact our travel agency we'll begin by learning what your dream vacation looks like. We'll ask you about your:

  • Previous vacation experiences: What aspects delighted you most?

  • Goals for this vacation: Which experiences do you still want?

  • A budget for this vacation: What are the financial guidelines?

Whether you're looking for a peaceful stay at a sunny resort or an exciting cruise vacation, Connections by Avra can arrange it. You'll love the exclusive bonuses, all-inclusive vacations, vacation deals and travel perks we can use to extend your budget and enhance your vacation & travel experience. 


You can request additional information on your upcoming vacation or Call our travel agency to start your dream vacation today!

Book your own land excursion anywhere in the world.

You have the freedom to book your own land excursion anywhere in the world anytime you, please. Connections by Avra is available as a resource if you need help before, during or after you are booked. Start your next dream vacation now! 

Experience what a relaxing vacation can be with Connections by Avra. Call our travel agency to start planning your next European tour, cruise vacation or a relaxing getaway. 

Decided on a European vacation but have some questions? No problem! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which is the best Europe tour?  ​This is one of those questions that are important to sit with an experienced travel advisor.   We will ask questions about what you are expecting out of the trip.  What is on your bucket list?  How do you envision this trip?  We will not ask you what your friends recommended because that applies to them and maybe not you!  


How do I plan a trip to Europe?  ​We make the planning process simple for our clients!  Once we qualify a few things we handle all the details. Contact our travel agency to learn more.  


How much is a trip to Europe? ​ That will depend on what kind of experiences you are looking for.  How long do you want to be gone?  What type of hotels would you prefer to stay in? Do you like private transfers?  First-class or coach rail tickets?   Most clients have an idea of what their budget is even before they call.  That information needs to be shared with us so we know what we have to work with.  We always try to get you more for your money! 


Where should I travel in Europe?  ​Everywhere!  Our travel agents will meet with you and discuss what you are looking for when traveling to Europe.  Where have you already been?  What is on your bucket list?  What time of the year do you want to travel?  Europe is a destination that appeals to almost any traveler.  


How can I travel to Europe?  ​From the United States, there are basically two ways to get there; by air or by ship. Our clients have done both!


What are the most visited cities in Europe?  ​The two most popular destinations in Europe are Italy and France.  So many wonderful sites to see in both countries and you probably won't see them all on your first trip over.  Both of these countries require a slow savor and repeat visits!  

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